Saturday, 31 January 2015

Long time no see

Finally, some results! Unfortunately for my painting, the last two months have been full of nice and boring real life stuff taking all my precious time. But let's skip the excuses and show of some miniatures!

So this month as you can see I painted an assassin, a master on manticore and five cold one knights. 

This gives a total for December and January of:
5 Dark riders, mus. 110 points
5 Cold one knights full cmd. 180 points
Assassin 90-160 (kinda) points
Master on Manticore 220-300 (kinda) points

So, 600-750 points. Well no one is going to take the characters bare bones but they don't need to be maxed out to make the goal work so I think I made it :).

Anyhow, next month I am planning to paint ten more witch elves to finish of that unit and five more dark riders. This will nicely round out my core for the small 1500 point tournament in the beginning of March. But that's only 250 points or something so we will see what I also paint. If I can get my hands on some decent wings I will build a master on Pegasus as my bsb. If that does not work out, I don't know, we will see. It will be a surprise, nice, everybody loves surprises.

Well, that's all for me for now. See you next time I have something painted!

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