Sunday, 16 November 2014

First Witch Elves done

After a time of boring real life stuff eating my time I have finally been able to finish some more miniatures. Unfortunately they were done during the evening so once again I am all out of sunlight and I have not taken the time to look into some better lighting. Anyway enjoy, the first ten witch elves.
When you are an evil elf, beach-wear and cold mountain-wear is the same thing.
 I have to say, these are some amazing miniatures. They go together perfectly, if you use the right pieces as certain hairs go with certain bodies. But all in all very nice and dynamic, a real blast to paint. It is quite funny though, a friend of mine commented that they all looked like they each had brought a stone to stand on to be able to strike cool poses. Which is quite true actually, I have tried to put some effort into the bases to make them look interesting. I think that also help to make the stone things melt into the basing better.

The one the far right looks like she is striking a pose from a Bruce Lee movie.

I am quite pleased with the bases actually, I wanted them to look like frost/first snow on the tundra. As basically, that is how I imagine Naggaroth. Like the Scandinavian mountain range, but with evil murder worshiping elves in it. I am thinking about doing some warpaint in the form of blood on the models, not to much just a few things. I was thinking maybe  something along the lines of what the Uruk-hai have, but with blood instead of paint. But we will see, I will have to sleep on that.

Speaking of not knowing, now I am not sure what to paint up next. I will paint up a sorceress as part of my pledge for this month. But I am also leaning towards painting up ten Black Guard, mainly because they look bad ass. I know executioners might be a better choice, as they fill the role of high strength attacks which is very needed in a all comers list. Anyway, we will see what I do as its the same bodies that have to be cleaned and prepared whichever choice I make.

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