Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Results


So after a time of silence I have managed to paint up my last things for this months goal. Well, actually I finished my initial goal last weekend as I painted up the Sorceress. But anyway, this week I have actually managed to paint quite a lot. Mainly due to having a bit of a cold, so I was not able to exercise and instead spent my evenings painting, so something good came from that. Anyway without further ado here is what I have painted so far.

Group shoot

Black Guard


Side shoot

Someone puny non-dark elf lost their head.

The witches again

Some blood
 So, as you can see I added some blood effect to the elves. In particular the witch elves got the most bloodied. Most of them just got some blood on the swords, with a few having blood on their hands and with that blood running down their arms a bit. Finally a few got some splatter. I think an important part of adding these kinds of effects is to try and change it around a bit. If all the models are covered in gore it might be a bit to much and it takes over the paint job. So in a lot of cases, less is more.

So how did I do the blood, well I read a few articles people had written on the subject and basically followed that. So first I made a dark-red-purple-ish mixture from washes and paint. I made it quite thin and begun by putting it where I wanted to have blood effects, this gave the look of a bit more dried blood. This was also the mixture I used as I took a bigger, stiffer brush and just flicked some blood on a few witches to be splatter. I then varnished the miniatures and came back with the games workshop blood paint and added it kind of like a highlight and built it up so I got the look of both still fresh blood and some dried. It does not really come across super well in the pictures, but you will just have to trust me on this, it looks nice.

The article I used as inspiration on the blood can be found at.
They also had some better pictures than me.

When it comes to miniatures, I might come of as a bit of a fanboy, but damn. The newer GW plastics are amazing, they go together so well and paint up so nicely. I have previously quite easily known things I would like to change with models, like small conversions, but with these, I can't really think of much that would actually improve the miniatures. Or may be I am just losing my creativity, which would be sad indeed. The only complaint I have so far is that the black guard have those pauldrons which go together in the middle, so you end up with a really visible gap at the top of those things that you have to fill up. I know it might sound like a first world problem, but compared to the witches where all the joints are so well covered by the model this is just such a pain in the ass to fix. Especially since it is so visible if you don't fix it well.

With that rant over, what have I painted?

10 Witch Elf's with musician, 120 points

10 Black Guard with champion and musician, 170 points

A Sorceress, lvl 2 or higher, 115 points (or more)

So a total of 405 points

I know I said I was going to use the Sorceress as a lvl 4 at the beginning of the month but I figured that since I managed to paint up some black guard too and I honestly have no Idea how I will be using her, lets just say she is a lvl 2 Sorceress or a more expensive variant.

So thats the end of this month, next month there is no goal, but I have to have 1100 points painted by the end of January. I have not decided what to paint yet but I think it will probably be something along the lines of dark riders, knights, a Master on Pegasus and whatever else I need to have a legal army by the end of that month, since if I recall correctly there will be a small tournament around there and it would be fun to bring a functional army.

Well, I better start planing on how to turn this bunch of miniatures to an army full of hobby killing filth! I guess I need lots of masters...

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